Don’t trade that late model vehicle in just because you seats have become worn, torn or uncomfortable to sit in. Let Middletown Glass and Upholstery restore your vehicle interior to like new condition. Whether you simply need an original piece of cloth or vinyl sewn in to repair a tear or worn area or perhaps a complete seat repaired, we have the experience and craftsmanship to service your vehicle. We can also re-pad, build up or repair springs if needed in order to make you vehicle comfortable to drive once again. Most repairs can be completed in just one day.

Due to a variety of reasons, including heat and the age of your vehicle, the headliner in your vehicle may begin to start falling down and become a distraction while driving.

We can replace your headliner so just stop by and let one of our qualified personnel give you a free estimate on your vehicle. Most repairs can be completed in just one day.


In need of a Upholstery Or Headliner restoration?   We are at your service!

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